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Only Everything

Only Everything by Kieran Scott Best of all, it's not just a story about love—it's about being true to yourself, especially when everything around you is changing. And that's something we can all get behind. Only Everything . . . the next epic series everyone can’t stop talking about

Blending ancient mythology with contemporary romance, Scott offers a clever story about the difficulty of finding true love.
Publisher’s Weekly

The whimsical premise of the "True Love" trilogy is a fresh, fun, contemporary take that ought to delight audiences who still enjoy a touch of the magical (see: disgraced matchmaking goddess as narrator) but want to see people fall in love without any otherworldly drama.

This is So Not Happening

This Is So Not Happening by Kieran Scott "Readers can find both entertainment and insightful life lessons here in equal measure. Can chick lit come with depth and wit too? Yes, it can."
– Kirkus Reviews

"This book evokes so much emotion! Every time Jake and Ally turn around there is more drama, more chaos, and more lies."
 im a book shark

She's So Dead to Us

She's So Dead to Us by Kieran Scott (Ally and Jake’s) insider/outsider, on-again/off-again romance, secrets galore and plenty of twists drive the story's tension. A cliffhanger ending will entice teens back for more high-school clique drama.
– Kirkus Reviews

Deftly explores peer pressure, grudges, and decency.
– School Library Journal

For fans of series' like IT GIRL, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, and PRIVATE, this is another one (I hope) that will draw you in and make you want more.  

Basically I loved this. I think it was a fantastic started to a very promising series. Ally and Jake are probably one of my favorite couples, and I'm pretty much dying to know what's going to happen in the second book!
Just Your Typical Book Blog

I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader

I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader by Kieran Scott Scott shows incisive insight into the culture of adolescent girls while delivering suspense and well-developed emotional conflicts that should hold young readers' interest throughout.
–Kirkus Reviews

A breezy, upbeat celebration of the twin virtues of cheerleading and staying true to one’s self . . . . The good, clean fun is downright infectious.
– Publisher’s Weekly

If you’re a cheerleader like me, you’ll love this book! Even if you’re not, it’s still an entertaining read about the pains of growing up.
– Star-Telegram.com

A Non-Blonde Cheerleader in Love

A Non-Blonde Cheerleader in Love by Kieran Scott The conflicting personalities and pranks will trigger plenty of laughter and eye-rolling recognition from young readers.
– Kirkus Reviews

Funny, genuine and sweet, with the perfect pinch of snark! Go Annisa and Daniel!
– Melissa Senate, author of See Jane Date and Theodora Twist

Three cheers for Kieran Scott!
– Sarah Mlynowski, author of Bras and Broomsticks

Geek Magnet

Geek Magnet by Kieran Scott (KJ Miller is) a genuinely moving heroine.
– Publisher’s Weekly

Readers will recognize the many-sided issues related to popularity and courage as they are addressed in this clever story about a play that is itself a play.

Written in a chatty, chick-lit style, complete with realistic teen-speak.
– School Library Journal

Jingle Boy

Jingle Boy by Kieran Scott (Scott) incorporates almost every pop-culture Christmas icon into the story in one way or another and constructs her own tongue-in-cheek version of feel-good Christmas Special. Silly and slapstick, this could end up on the big screen as an antidote to the usual Christmas madness.

You can hardly get more holiday ho-ho-ho than you get from Paul Nicholas and his Christmas-obsessed family in “Jingle Boy.”
– The Detroit Free Press