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Kieran Scott is a young adult author who was born, bred and still resides in New Jersey along with her husband Matt and her two-year-old son. A graduate of Rutgers University with a double-major in English and Journalism, Kieran worked as a YA editor for several years before striking out on her own as a writer. Her first hardcover novel, Jingle Boy (Delacorte Press), was published in 2002. Her next book, I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2005) was an ALA Quick Pick, an NYPL Book for the Teen Age, and was featured on the Texas Library Association’s TAYSHAS Reading List for 2006-2007. The book spawned two sequels, Brunettes Strike Back (2006), and A Non-Blonde Cheerleader in Love (2007). Kieran’s fifth hardcover novel, Geek Magnet, was published by Putnam in 2008. She’s So Dead to Us, the first volume of her new trilogy about friendship, love and the things that really matter, was released in May 2010 from Simon and Schuster.

I’ve always loved bulletin boards.
They’re perfect for collecting all the fun memorabilia I might otherwise toss in the trash, and they reflect the person I am at that given moment in time. Here are a few pics of my bulletin boards throughout the years.
8th grade
On the left you’ll find a cut up and pasted back together photo of my eighth grade boyfriend.
At the bottom, a shot of all the “hottest guys” in my class.
That ticket stub was from Duran Duran—my first concert!
Freshman year.
Hmmm. I was a bit boy crazy, no?
2000 – My first job
Lots of Sweet Valley High: Senior Year covers, because I was editing the series.
Also a pic of the Felicity cast (my favorite show at the time) and a nice photo of
James Marsden—my Hollywood boyfriend. (Not really. I just wish.)
I haven’t cleaned this off in a loooong time! I’ve got ID badges from signings and career days,
tickets to Rutgers and Devils games, notes from my husband and my editor,
a couple of the best sellers lists AND, of course, my covers!